Benchtop Water Cooler - Purchase Outright

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Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold: Cool & Cold

Purchase the water cooler unit outright, with a 1 year warranty.

Introducing the epitome of convenience and refreshment – the Summer Springs Benchtop Water Cooler. Compact, stylish, and designed to fit seamlessly into any space, this cooler brings the crisp taste of our premium spring water right to your fingertips. Ideal for both home and office settings, our benchtop water cooler combines functionality with a sleek design, offering a refreshing solution that complements your lifestyle.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional water dispensers and embrace the ease of our benchtop cooler. It's not just a water cooler; it's a statement of efficiency and sophistication. With easy installation and user-friendly features, staying hydrated has never been this effortless. Transform your space into a hydration hub with Summer Springs – where innovation meets refreshment.

Choose the Summer Springs Benchtop Water Cooler for a compact yet powerful addition to your hydration routine. Enjoy the pure, crisp taste of our premium spring water without compromising on style or convenience. Quench your thirst for a better hydration experience – choose Summer Springs.

Regular hire includes installation and maintenance (filter changes and cleaning) for $99.00 p/a ongoing.

GST included.

Note: Purchase does not include spring water or water cooler accessories